Change Enablement (CE)

A human-centered approach to change.

Adoption is key to ROI

“This project’s success is riding on our people working differently - they’re on new teams and need to use the new processes we put in place. If they don’t, we won’t see the increased revenue we’d planned on.”

- Business Leader

Change Enablement is about helping people move from one way of thinking, acting, or collaborating to another. This is as true for a newly dispersed workforce as it is for a team adopting a fresh software platform.

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We tailor solutions to best fit your needs

Big picture - we don’t just deliver technology. We take a 360-degree view of your organization to align people, processes, and tools to help you get the most of the solutions we build together.

Through workshops, consulting, collaboration, and coaching, we deliver practical solutions:

  • Communication planning & execution
  • Training planning & execution
  • Leading adoption
  • Managing resistance
  • Team structure and governance
  • Change champion network creation & facilitation
  • Strategy facilitation
  • Organizational transformation
    (i.e: downsizing, adopting Agile, digital transformation, merger)
  • Organizational design

Change enablement

The future is not static

The old way of thinking is that people move from current state, through transition state, into future state.

In an era of dispersed workforces, ongoing innovation, continuous improvement, Agile, and more, we are in a constant state of evolution. It doesn't have to be chaos. But it won't be static.

The teams that succeed will excel at change, enabled by leaders with the skills to drive adoption. Clockwork can help.


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Kasey Ross
Director of Change Strategy